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  • Pharmaceutical Company:
  • BCM

  • Active Drug Ingredients:
  • Mephenesin

  • Drug Indications, Usages And Classifications:
  • ATC-ICD-10

  • Drug Dosing Forms And Composition:
  • Not Available !

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Active drug comparison tool allows you to select multiple drugs for comparison Walconesin in an easy-to-read table. Some drugs can contain the same active ingredients,the part of the medicine that makes it work. A generic drug is the same as a brand-name drug in dosage, safety, strength, quality, the way it works, the way it is taken, and the way it should be used. Generic drugs usually cost less.

Two drugs can be viewed side-by-side at any one time, and up to 50 drugs can be compared simply by clicking from right-side drop-down list of selected drugs.

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