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Drug Names :

Wala Plantago Bronchialbalsam

  • Pharmaceutical Company:
  • Wala Schweiz

  • Active Drug Ingredients:
  • Camphor Drosera Rotundifolia Eucalypti Aetheroleum Petasites Hybridus Plantago Lanceolata Terebinthina Laricina Thymi Aetheroleum

  • Drug Indications, Usages And Classifications:
  • ATC-ICD-10

  • Drug Dosing Forms And Composition:
  • Ointment; Topical; Camphor 20 mg; Drosera Rotundifolia 10 mg; Eucalypti Aetheroleum 5 mg; Petasites Hybridus 10 mg; Plantago Lanceolata 10 mg; Terebinthina Laricina 50 mg; Thymi Aetheroleum 5 mg / g

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