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Drug Names :


  • Pharmaceutical Company:
  • N.E.O.M.

  • Active Drug Ingredients:
  • Manganese Chloride Phosphoric Acid Zinc

  • Drug Indications, Usages And Classifications:
  • ATC-ICD-10

  • Drug Dosing Forms And Composition:
  • Tablet; Oral; Manganese Chloride 4 c; Phosphoric Acid 4 c; Zinc 4 c

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cote AbfuhrFruchtewurfel cote Acti-Mn + B1 + C cote Artedil cote Bio-Plex cote Calslot cote Cassel Green cote Cataligo Manganese cote Chela-Manganese 50 Plus cote Chelated Manganese cote Chelazome Manganese cote Cital cote CMP Plex cote Collag-EN cote CT Factors cote Cumadren cote Cutaval cote Cystosol with 3% Hexitols cote Degranol cote Diosmol cote E 400 Iu with Selenium, Vitamin C and Manganese cote E with Selenium cote Eufusol M 20 cote Formula CDC cote Formule 22683 cote Fraxinus cote Fraxinus American cote Fraxinus Americana cote Freka-Drainjet Purisole cote Granions de Manganese cote Gynedyn cote Hexanhexol cote Hexitol cote Homeopathic Medicine S147 cote HVP Chelated Manganese cote Invenex cote Iperten cote Isotol cote J.N.T. Formula cote Jarabe de Manzanas cote Lasten / Barn cote Lumenhance cote Madiplot cote Magnanum Met cote Mancinella cote Mancinella Injeel cote Mancinella Injeel Forte cote Mandelip cote Mandragora Injeel cote Mandragora Injeel Forte cote Mandragora Officinarum cote Mandragora Officinarum cote Mandragora Officinarum cote Mangamac cote Manganese cote Manganese cote Manganese cote Manganese cote Manganese cote Manganese Acetate cote Manganese Amino Acid Chelate cote Manganese Amino Acid Chelate cote Manganese avec B12 cote Manganese Chelate cote Manganese Chelated cote Manganese Chelated cote Manganese Chloride in plastic container cote Manganese Citrate cote Manganese Gluconate cote Manganese Green cote Manganese Oligosol cote

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