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N2 Root Canal Sealer Universal

  • Drug Name:
  • N2 Root Canal Sealer Universal

  • Pharmaceutical Company:
  • Agsa Dental Products

  • Active Drug Ingredients:
  • Bismuth Subcarbonate Bismuth Subnitrate Eugenol Formaldehyde Lavender Oil Rose Oil Titanium Dioxide Zinc Oxide

  • Drug Indications, Usages And Classifications:
  • ATC-ICD-10

  • Drug Dosing Forms And Composition:
  • Liquid / Powder; Dental; Bismuth Subcarbonate (Oxycarbonate) 6.2%; Bismuth Subnitrate 7.3%; Eugenol 96.5%; Formaldehyde 4.7%; Lavender Oil 1.7%; Oil of Rose 1.8%; Titanium Dioxide 18.4%; Zinc Oxide 63.4%

  • Drug Name:
  • Apo-Bisoprolol

  • Pharmaceutical Company:
  • Apotex

  • Active Drug Ingredients:
  • Bisoprolol Fumarate

  • Drug Indications, Usages And Classifications:
  • C07AB07 - Bisoprolol

  • Drug Dosing Forms And Composition:
  • Tablet; Oral; Bisoprolol Fumarate 10 mg Tablet; Oral; Bisoprolol Fumarate 5 mg

Comparison Result: When we compare N2 Root Canal Sealer Universal and Apo-Bisoprolol drugs, we seems that (not %100 accurate) both drugs must be used with Doctor advice.

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